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Wax Wrap Multipack in Retroapple

Wax Wrap Multipack in Retroapple

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Our beeswax wraps are the perfect alternative to cling film.

Made with our signature GOTS certified organic cotton panama and then infused with pine resin, organic coconut oil and beeswax, these wraps feel sturdy and have great sticking power.

The multi pack contains three wraps:
LARGE 41cm square - perfect for wrapping bread, covering proving bowls and leftovers
MEDIUM 33cm square - perfect for wrapping your sandwiches in
SMALL 25cm square - perfect for wrapping cheese, lemons and avocados.

Simply wash in warm soapy water and hang up to dry and your wraps will last up to a year. 

When they've come to the end of their natural life, simply compost or use as a firelighter. 100% biodegradable.

Being eco never looked so good!