Things I'll miss about the Hall House: Part 1. The dressing room

And this is the wallpaper.
You want it on the ceiling?
On ALL the walls. AND the ceiling?

I lusted after Anna French's Bird in the Bush wallpaper for years. Other teenagers had pictures of celebrities on their walls. I had interiors. At 17 I went to a party in a house with a bar with mirrored wallpaper and urgently needed somewhere so glamorous/gypsy caravan/creepy haunted house in my life. Stat.

I moved around for years with a sample piece of the wallpaper hoping there would be somewhere i could hang it. Anywhere. But the problem was I didn't want a feature wall. I wanted a whole glorious room of shiny shiny mirrored birds, which bought me up against the next problems. 1. Not being able to afford more than two rolls and, 2. Living with other people who might not want to live in a terrifying hall of mirrors.

So when we bought the glorious wreck that was the Hall House, I surprised the Hall husband by building a wall in the large upstairs hallway to make a teeny tiny dressing room that could be covered in shiny wallpaper - ceiling and all (and readers, let me tell you he was simply thrilled with this development.)

The next challenge was to find a decorator willing to do it. If you fancy mirrored wallpaper yourself, let me tell you, it is like applying cardboard to the wall. It has NO give. So in the teeny tiny dressing room, a brave decorator fought to apply the stiff-as-a-board wallpaper to the ceiling and pattern match it and not give up and walk out. Apparently, without exaggeration, he told me, it was the worst job he had ever had in the thirty plus years he's been decorating. Still, good to be memorable.

The final look was quite full on. So, I accessorised with a bit more pattern (enter striped hall carpet) and more colour (hello pink drawers.) The result is surprisingly easy to live with. The three doors surrounding it mean the area is full of light and it still makes me smile everyday to walk through it.

As we're now selling the Hall House and moving to a new and exciting countryside project - it's definitely going to be one of the things I miss the most.

....Although, the new place has a walk in wardrobe so maybe I can convince the decorator to hang some mirrored wallpaper. He must be ready for another challenge!

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