Top Drawer 2019

What a busy start to the year! I barely had the chance to finish the Christmas chocolates (let alone had time to regret them and start a January health kick) before Top Drawer came for Harris and Hall.

So what did I learn?

Independents are great. Support them

That despite the Brexit uncertainty and the poor Christmas sales for many of the big retailers, the indies were out in force. I always knew they were special, but the independent stores, the galleries, the country houses, the garden centres of Britain are sticking their heads above the parapet and are still investing in their communities and small British brands. Thank you indies!

The movement to sustainability is only getting bigger

Last year at the show our bestsellers were wash bags and make up bags. This year it was all about the wax wraps and reusable cotton pads. Everyone wants to reduce plastic, keep business ethical and stop waste. It was a pleasure to meet retailers and press who share our outlook and values

10,000 is the new 1000

This was the first show I’ve been to where potential clients have checked my instagram stats on stand. 10,000 seems to be the new number to aim for… 9500 left to go!

Makers are the best

For the third time I’ve got to Top Drawer and wondered if I should really be in the home section . . . . for the first hour. Then I meet my stand neighbours and settle into the next three days of being surrounded by the most positive and talented group of (usually) women you could hope to meet. I'm also reminded that my business being small and my products being handmade is a GOOD THING! I don’t need to pretend to be bigger than I am (nope, there’s no secret factory) My materials are carefully sourced, lovingly made, posted in a local post office and I’m going to shout more about that this year.