Ooh it's a New Season!

Spring is here!

(ok, I'll level - we all know it really isn't remotely Spring - I got soaked through to the socks on the pre-school run and I am wearing a jumper that couldn't in any honesty be described as a 'light knit.' Still, for the sake of this blog, let's pretend for the next three minutes)

And as it's Spring - there are new prints and products to look at. First there's Gilman - inspired by an embroidered man's jacket from the 1500s and Elizabeth 1's iconic Rainbow Portrait dress - this pattern is all seeing and all hearing. It's available in a cheerful yellow, orange and lavender.

Handmade organic cotton make up bag in Gilman Yellow

There's also a reworking of perennial favourite Kattenapple. Retroapple is a 1950s twist on the design with a strong grid pattern and slightly bolder lines. It's available in the same pink and blue as the Quaility range and looks great mixed and matched with it.

Handmade Organic Cotton Make Up Bag in Retroapple PinkBoth designs come printed on GOTS certified organic cotton.

There is also a new range of notebooks coming in the very very near future. And a possible foray into lampshades. Keep checking back for details!

Ok, Winter, as you were.