Getting ready for Top Drawer AW17!

It's a busy time at HARRIS and HALL towers with the imminent arrival of our very first trade show!

My desk is covered in a plethora of post-it notes (the official collective term for a group of post-its) as I try desperately not to miss anything and force myself to do some of the less exciting things on my to do list (trade pricing leaflet anyone?)

The stand design concept is done and I am so SO excited to get into the space and make it a reality. Being based online is great - but nothing beats the pinch-me-it's-real joy of having a real genuine shop with actual real-life (hopefully!) customers. 

And going to Top Drawer - it's just so prestigious. It's like a real grown-up trade show. It's such a thrill to get an opportunity to sell there in our first year trading...and yet... at the same time - possibly the most terrifying thing I've ever let myself in for - did I mention how far I've got with that trade pricing leaflet??!!

So, if you're going to Top Drawer - and my web stats say a lot of you lovely people are - please come and visit me at CRAFT 207. I'll be there with cake. And a trade pricing leaflet. Probably.