Your favourite cushion

The blue leopard print cushion cover is the number one viewed product on the website every week. So today, it's getting the love it deserves.

Is it because everyone knows what to do with a cushion that I never write about them? Or that when I post a picture of one on Insta, I don't need to try as hard with the caption because it sells itself with its cushiony loveliness? Am I treating them mean to keep them keen (I really hope not. The pandemic has hopefully not pushed me so far that I'm playing mindgames with inanimate objects) 

And yet, little workhorse that it is, that cushion shows up and delivers for me every week. 

So what can I tell you about it? Well, the print debuted at Top Drawer in 2019 - it's a digitally hand drawn leopard print that I designed on three pastel bases with strong and neon pops for the spots. It's printed in London by our amazing printer who uses GOTS certified organic cotton with eco friendly water based dyes.

They are all cut by hand, overlocked, edged with British made piping and sewn up by me in my studio in East Yorkshire. Each piece is a labour of love, made whilst consuming at least one cup of tea and is soft enough to be cosy but hardwearing enough to last many years. They're also pretty!

So there you are my beautiful blue spotty workhorses. Your moment in the sun! Now, as you were.


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