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Why we need reusable make up pads

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Reusable make up pads are an easy substitution for cotton pads. If you want to remove eye make up - they're there. Acid tone? They can do that. Remove masks or balms? They're there for you!

So why reusable instead of single use? There's two big reasons:

1. The environment. As a society, we're using precious resources to grow and manufacture a cotton pad that we literally just throw away. Sure, it will biodegrade, but it's single use. Thats a lot of time, money, land, pesticides, insecticides and water to make something for thirty seconds of use and it's not sustainable.

2. They're better. I've been making these by hand so I've had a lot of time to think them through! One side is made of unbleached terry towelling so it's like a mini flannel for scrubbing or removing oily products. The other side is the softest brushed cotton - so it's great for toning products and for using on gentle areas like around the eyes. They're overlocked tightly to keep them sturdy and they're organic so you know they are as sustainable as they can be!

Use them, pop them in the washing machine in the supplied delicates bag to clean and repeat! You'll never go back to single use cotton pads.