What exactly is a wax wrap and what do I do with them?

Our wax wraps are a square of thick organic cotton that's been infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin that you can wrap around food or bowls in place of cling film.

That's a random assortment of ingredients right? It seems so but each one has its own super power to bring to the party.
Beeswax has been proven to have antimicrobial properties which helps keep food fresher for longer and is hydrophobic to keep your food dry.
Jojoba oil gives the wrap suppleness, stopping the wax from cracking, smells great and is also fun to say.
Pine resin gives the wrap sticking power without being sticky on the hands. It's cunning stuff
And of course, organic cotton, which is breathable, biodegradable and a sustainable choice.

To use them, you wrap them around the bowl or item you want wrapping and then hold it tight for a few seconds. The heat of your hand will soften the wax just enough to stick the wrap to itself and give a good seal.

When you're ready to wash, just give them a scrub with some warm soapy water, rinse, hang up until dry and you're ready to go again.

They like being used. Honestly, the more you use them the more supple they'll be, so no saving for best! When they do start to look past their prime in about 12 months time, you'll be pleased to know they are completely biodegradable. So while a plastic bag or cling film could still be in landfill long after our time on this planet, your wax wrap has done the same job and won't leave an environmental headache for future generations.

Give them a go today!